OhioHealth's Culture

We are a tight-knit organization of associates, guided by our values, working together to transform healthcare and forge the path towards achieving the highest-level of positive patient experience.

We love working here. As a group which shares common values, we join together to fulfill our mission to deliver optimum compassionate care to a community of millions of residents. We work in an atmosphere that both challenges us and rewards our dedication. We band together in richly diverse teams, clinical and non-clinical, supporting each other.

At OhioHealth, we take every opportunity to celebrate both the individuals and the group who make us the region’s most outstanding healthcare provider. We succeed every day because of our associates, who are at the heart of that success.

Range, Opportunity and Impact

WE Make a Difference — In Lives and Healthcare

OhioHealth’s reach and resources provide a wide-ranging opportunity to move and grow within the organization. This gives you a diversity of opportunity and the chance to have a broad and powerful impact on both your patients and the vision of next generation healthcare.

We know we make an impact because we see the immense gratitude in our patients’ faces every day. Whether it’s a simple smile or a graceful nod of the head, we know that the work we do is positive and worthwhile. We call it living OhioHealthy – because we are touching lives and achieving more than just providing healthcare.

Leadership and Transparency

WE Strive to Be a Paragon of Leadership

Our leadership is involved and truly listens. Everyone communicates and encourages new ideas that contribute to positive change. That perspective motivates us to ask questions and pursue new answers, from all reaches of our organization, in an exceptionally inclusive and collaborative workplace.

Several times a year, we engage in an OhioHealth Leadership Briefing (OLB), enabling our leaders to share the newest developments within the organization. This speaks to the quality of transparency within OhioHealth, and allows leaders and associates to move the organization forward together in a spirit of building, growing and achieving.

Innovation and Growth

WE Are Always Moving Forward 

Healthcare is rapidly changing and we are at the forefront of that change. As one of the nation’s best-performing health systems, we aspire to deliver not only the best quality, but also the most innovative care for our patients. We are setting and surpassing ambitious goals, and our associates are a large part of those achievements.

We do this through transformative programs like CareConnect, an electronic medical records system, which is contributing to better patient outcomes across the entire continuum of care. Fostering an innovative culture is our way of moving forward and helps every associate reach new levels of excellence. 

Work / Life

WE Enjoy Balance in Our Lives

We know our associates live with a sense of responsibility – not just to their patients, but also to those important people they have at home. That is why we provide our associates with benefits and programs that ensure their lives can be full and satisfying. It’s reflected in everything from flexible schedules to wellness resources – even special programs to help save time and reduce stress. 

Working Together, Working With the Best

WE Are Collaborative and Best-in-Field

There is no doubt that OhioHealth succeeds because of our strong sense of teamwork. We support every area of practice and profession within the system. We work together across functions in order to effect real change in the work we value so greatly.

A big part of our desire to collaborate is the enormous talent that surrounds us. Experts in every field are here, ready to share their knowledge with others and help the entire team be the best in healthcare.

Community and Involvement

WE Love Our Community

Our commitment is to not only provide exceptional healthcare, but to exercise the privilege of showing how much the community means to us. As the region’s largest healthcare provider, we know we are responsible as an organization to the people we serve. As associates, and as individuals, we believe that responsibility extends to all of us.

OhioHealth gives back to the community through such programs as the CapCity Marathon, Susan G. Komen 5k Run, the Heart Walk, Mid Ohio Food Bank, “Wellness on Wheels” and concussion programs for young athletes. In 2015 alone, more than 4,000 of our associates devoted their time in the communities we serve.