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William J. Hicks


Experience: 6 Years

Specialties: Vascular Neurology, Neurology

OhioHealth Neurological Physicians
3535 Olentangy River Rd Ste S1501
Columbus, OH 43214
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Areas of Expertise

  • Acute Stroke Treatment & Care
  • Central Nervous System Vasculitis
  • Stroke

Hospital Status

Active at:
Riverside Methodist Hospital
Courtesy at:
Doctors Hospital
Dublin Methodist Hospital
Grant Medical Center
Special Affiliations

Participates in the the health⁴ clinical integration program for enhanced care coordination and improved quality of care. More about health⁴

Physician Bio

William J. Hicks II, MD, is a neurologist specializing in vascular neurology. In addition to general neurological conditions, Dr. Hicks specializes in conditions of the cerebrovascular system, including ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.


When it comes to his patient care approach, Dr. Hicks takes great pride in being the voice for his patients. Outside of acute stroke cases in the emergency room, he does not see time as an issue when it comes to getting to know his patients and their families on a personal level, and speaking with them to provide further explanation following a potentially life-altering condition.


Dr. Hicks completed his undergraduate degree from Morehouse College, received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Howard University College of Medicine, completed his residency at Henry Ford Hospital, and completed his fellowship at the University of Texas Medical Center at Houston.


Actively involved in the medical community, Dr. Hicks enjoys participating in clinical research presentations across North America and volunteering in public service activities related to health and wellness.


Having being born and raised a Buckeye, and with a sister who is a physician at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, Dr. Hicks is excited to return to central Ohio to be close to his family.


In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Nicci, and German Shepherd, Slice. He also enjoys watching sports, reading nonfiction, following politics, and eating (any and everything, as he openly admits).


University of Texas Medical School (2012) in Vascular Neurology
Henry Ford Health System (2010) in Neurology
Henry Ford Health System (2007) in Transitional
Medical School
Howard University College of Medicine (2006)

Areas of Expertise

Below you'll find the services provided by Dr. Hicks. The services shown may not be a complete list. Please call his office if you have questions.

  • Acute Stroke Treatment & Care
  • Central Nervous System Vasculitis
  • Stroke